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About Us

About Black Tie Termite

Black Tie Termite is a sister company to Blue Crab Inspections. We work together to provide home buyers detailed and accurate inspection reports during the home buying process. All of the scheduling and coordination of inspections and treatments are handled in house and in conjunction with the inspection reports.

Our lead technician, Michael Ward, has over 14 years experience in pest remediation.

Mission: Our mission is to create lifelong relationships with our clients and their properties

Vision: Create a new standard in pest control

Values: Honesty, Customer Service, Quality, Diversity, and Innovation

Company Values

  • We treat everyone as family, and always do the RIGHT thing.
  • We are the Stuarts of the property and it is our role to maintain it for the next generations.
  • We never sacrifice quality or accuracy while continually strive for higher efficiency.
  • We respect others thoughts and show gratitude for the opportunity’s we receive and create.
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