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Termite Inspection

Termite damage

About Termites

While termites are quite small, it can cause very expensive damage to your home. Sure, you can look for damaged wood but that could be caused by water or fungus. That´s why most lenders require a termite inspection, or a wood-destroying insect inspection, to be conducted prior to financial approval.

Blue Crab Inspections has partnered with Black Tie Termite and Pest Control, who not only specializes in termite inspections but are also trained to mitigate termites and similar pest wood-destroying insects in homes located around the Baltimore area.

We are so confident in this partnership that if further treatment is necessary within 90 days after the original inspection, we’ll provide it for FREE!

Factors increasing the likelihood of wood-destroying insects:

  • Earthers require a termite inspection, or a wood-to-wood contact
  • Wood mulch in contact with home
  • Improper drainage
  • Firewood against home
  • Tree branches in contact with home
  • Landscape timbers
Termite Treatment
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