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Who We Are

Black Tie Termite and Pest Control is the Chesapeake region’s premier pest control company. With over 30 years of residential inspection experience, Black Tie knows how to keep your home and loved ones safe from Termites, Rodents, and unwanted pests. Black Tie is not just our name, it’s our mindset. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service, and create lifelong relationships with our clients.

Meet the Team

We are proud to say that not only does our team meet and surpass the state-required continuing education credits, we also receive customer service, diversity, equity, and inclusion training as well. It is our way of guaranteeing that our clients receive the highest quality of service and education they deserve.

Michael Ward

Termite Service Manager

Michael was born in Baltimore, and attended Edgewood High School. Michael likes to spend time in deep focus and satisfaction of a job thoroughly done. He is thorough and accurate in his inspections, and enjoys his work. At one job, he was able to rescue and release several baby bats. In his words, "Pest control is not always extermination. I value life."

John Foley

Operations Director

John is a certified home inspector who has been inspecting houses for over 10 years with thousands of inspections under his belt. His passion for homes comes from over a decade of construction experience—from managing jobsites to building additions. While his current role generally keeps him away from the job sites these days, he enjoys seeing the younger and newer generation of inspectors grow and progress in the field, particularly those with Blue Crab. An avid outdoorsman, John enjoys spending time on the water or in the mountains with family and friends. And, always by his side, is his partner in crime, Coors, a silver Labrador retriever.

Rick Willnecker

Client Care Coordinator

Rick has been a client care coordinator with Blue Crab Inspections for over 3 years now. In this role, Rick truly enjoys interacting with the diversity of our clients and referral partners. He finds his job very rewarding as he is always pushing himself out of his comfort zone. He is constantly adapting to and work within a fast-paced and competitive environment, ensuring that the clients’ needs are continuously met. When he was younger, Rick had dreams of becoming a video game designer or programmer. And while he’s not there quite yet, he does build his own computers in his spare time.
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