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Termite Treatment

About Termite Treatment

Following a termite inspection performed by Black Tie Termite, a conventional termite treatment is the application of liquid termiticide to kill live existing termites. Treatment is performed around the perimeter of a termite infested house targeting underground termite colonies. This is done by means of digging a shallow trench, which we afterwards refill, and rodding into the soil; or by drilling into the concrete where necessary to reach the infested soil. We cover drill holes afterward with concrete patcher.

Termite Treatments

How It Works

The treatment takes around 4 hours or less in most cases. At no time are members of the household or pets required to leave the house as they are at no risk from an exterior treatment.

Following a treatment the area is warrantied for one year, after which time it may be renewed or upgraded to a service warranty upon re-inspection.

Termite treatments do not include repairs to house, and an MHIC licensed contractor should be consulted by the client in this regard.

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