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Ant & Cockroach Control

Ant Control

About Ant Control

Ants are exterminated from house using low toxicity gel baits and non-repellant sprays where ants are found nesting or trailing. This method precludes the need to make additional visits when the ants move to a new area in the house.

Carpenter ants are wood destroying insects and are usually handled with similar methods as above, but sometimes must be controlled by means other than chemical treatment. We inspect and advise on this when necessary.

About Cockroach Control

German cockroaches are extermination by application of gel baits only in active areas. Repellants are not used. This prevents the spread of roaches caused by standard repellant sprays, and usually eliminates the need to expand the treatment area on subsequent visits.

Oriental cockroaches (colloquially termed waterbugs) are occasional intruders from outside the home and are usually controlled by application of repellant pesticides to exterior house foundation, to keep them out. Other means may sometimes be advised by the Black Tie technician upon inspection of the area of concern.

Roach Control
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